Book & Bible Studies

Band of Sisters

Age Range: 30–50-Something aged women To connect 30–50-something aged women to Christ and to one another through book discussions and Bible studies. Focused on building authentic relationships, fun, and spiritual growth. Contact: Kimberly Nelson

Sat. AM Men’s Bible Study

Age Range: Adult men 40+ The Saturday mornings men’s group is a light hearted bunch from several churches in the South West Metro that enjoys Christian fellowship and learning. We have a particular liking to Andy Stanley and other contemporary Christian preachers. We use videos and Bible studies as conversation starters on living a Christian man’s life in today’s world. Join us anytime you don’t need to wait until we start a new series. All Mature (from 40 to 104+)…

Early Risers Bible Study

Age Range: Mixed adults Come for a lively discussion as we dive into the Word of God using books written by a variety of authors. These studies continue all year long and we often use Bible study materials to help us in our conversation. Come as your schedule permits. Contact: Pastor Peter Johnson

Small Books—Big Impact

The Bible is filled with many smaller books that are packed with meaning for faith and life. Join Pastor Matthew Fleming and Pastor Peter Johnson for two Wednesday evenings this September as they take turns leading a fun, informative, and informal Bible study on two short books: Joel and Philemon. No preparation is required. Bring you Bible as we read, discuss and learn together. Contact: Pastor Matthew Fleming and Pastor Peter Johnson

Pastor’s Book Study: David Zahl’s Low Anthropology

David Zahl’s Low Anthropology – The Unlikely Key to a Gracious View of Others (and Yourself) Cost: $17 for the book Connecting with each other in meaningful conversation can make your day more meaningful. One dynamic and welcoming small group at St.Andrew is the Pastor’s Book Study. Alternating between St. Andrew pastors, share in conversation, learning and community building as we take up together David Zahl’s Low Anthropology – The Unlikely Key to a Gracious View of Others (and Yourself).…

Women of the Word—PM

Age Range: Adult women Join us for a women’s Bible study of faith and fellowship using lessons and small group discussions. For beginners and advanced! All women are welcome, members and nonmembers. We will be studying the book of Ruth by Kelly Mintner. This is a 7 session study. We split each week in two so this will be a 13 week study for our group. Contact: Karen Willyard | (952) 937-2722

3rd Sat. Women’s Bible Study

Age Range: Adult women Description: Join us to discuss the scripture for that Sunday’s worship. We welcome women of all ages and stages of life to participate. No advance preparation needed. Contact: Judy Burke