Seeds of Support Missions (Haiti and Belize)

Seeds of Support Missions (Haiti and Belize)

Seeds of Support Mission: Belize (March 16-23, 2024)

St. Andrew’s Seeds of Support Mission offered an international mission trip opportunity to the Central American country of Belize from March 16-23, 2024. Welcome! Fill your EP Spring Break with rich experiences and meaning.

Closely patterned after Seeds of Support Mission’s popular Haiti mission trips, our second Belize mission trip builds upon the success of the first Belize mission trip in August of 2023.

It introduced participants to a whole new set of friends and programs. Focused on relationship building and Christian service, we will be spending meaningful time with new Belizean friends, participating in service projects, worship services, kid’s programs, cultural experiences, wonderful cuisine, Mayan ruin visit, home visits, a coffee farm visit, and a visit to the barrier reef off the coast for a day of snorkeling, there is something for all ages on the trip.

Our Mission

Seeds of Support Missions believes through listening and mutual cooperation we accompany our sister congregations and partners to develop a transformational, sustainable mission experience that contributes to the flourishing of God’s children and encourages the spiritual development of all involved.

Our Values

We accomplish our mission through five core values:

  • Practicing accompaniment
  • Listening to our partners with care
  • Striving for sustainability
  • Developing authentic relationships
  • Practicing ridiculous generosity

Current and Future Goals

In 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, resulting in mass casualties and devastation. After initially traveling to Haiti to aid in the relief efforts, Seeds of Support eventually formed a partnership with Redemption Lutheran Church in the village of Pasquette, near Jacmel, in southern Haiti. Through more than 25 mission trips, we worked together with congregants and community members to empower the local citizens, build up leaders and help support infrastructure development in the village. As pandemics, political unrest and gang violence have made it impossible for us to travel to Haiti, we have encouraged our partners to look for new ways to do mission in the country. We have pledged our continued support as they seek out new ways to bring hope to their communities. 

With the goal to continue offering an international mission experience to St. Andrew congregants, Seeds of Support expanded our focus to Belize in 2023. On our first mission trip, 18 participants spent time in three Belizean villages, building relationships, assisting in construction and other local church projects and learning about Mayan culture. We’re excited for our next trip to Belize in March 2024! 

Contact Deb Hetherington ( with your questions and interest in participating in Seeds of Support mission trips.


Seeds of Support Missions relies on donations to keep our work going. In 2024, our project goals include:

  • Supporting a kids club ministry in Port-Au-Prince
  • Food distributions in Port Au-Prince, St. Marc, Pasquette, and other Haitian villages
  • Hospital visits and personal supply distributions 
  • A rural medical clinic
  • Educational scholarship support

Contact Linnae Stole (, a member of the Seeds of Support Board, if you would like to make a donation to support the ministry.

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