20–30-Something Ministry

20–30-Something Ministry

20–30-Something Ministry Grant

Over the next ten months, St. Andrew is lucky to be partnered with an innovation coach from the Riverside Innovation Hub at Augsburg University. What is the Riverside Innovation Hub you may ask? How may they help? Here is what they have to say:

“It is no secret that the gap between young adults and christian congregations is widening. there are many factors to this dynamic reality. Certain characteristics of today’s young adults and their culture make them less inclined to seek out a congregation, or any institution. Certain characteristics of today’s congregations make them less appealing to young adults. We do know young adults are not rejecting faith or religion. We do know many are living out their faith in vibrant ways at innovative intersections such as: faith and political activism, faith and the arts, faith and environmental stewardship, and interfaith engagement. The Riverside Innovation Hub will help congregations become engaged with young adults at these intersections and at others we may discover along the way.”

In the coming months, Innovation Coach, Baird Linke, will be helping us design and carry out 20–30-Something ministry. Baird brings rich experience from camping ministry to mission work in Argentina. We are glad to welcome him and are eager to see where he leads us. If you see Baird in the coming weeks and months, introduce yourself!

St. Andrew Secures Young Adult Ministry Grant

Augsburg University received a major grant from the Lily Foundation to study ways to reach young adults in the church. As part of their work, the Riverside Innovation Hub is sponsoring congregational grants to develop and study young adult ministry in context. In March, St. Andrew submitted our application to become a ministry partner of Augsburg’s Riverside Innovation Hub, and in May we received an invitation to take place in the program.

What does this mean? Sometime this summer, we will be partnered with an innovation coach—a young adult who has been trained to study congregations and develop ministry strategies. This coach will work with a team of people from St. Andrew to develop a strategy for young adult ministry. At the end of the year, we will apply for an additional $25,000–$30,000 grant to make that plan a reality.

We are excited for the opportunities that this grant provides and for the ways that we will be able to serve the larger church through the learnings of this study. Pastor Matthew will continue to provide updates on the grant progress throughout the process.