A More Just World

All people are God’s children. The death of George Floyd and the aftermath reminds us there is still far too much injustice in our communities and in our world. We have work to do. Together, we will listen, learn, share, encourage, and act. We commit ourselves to this task for a more just world. 

Learning Together

Resources will be compiled and shared by St. Andrew staff to assist us in our process of listening, learning, and growing. Resources to read (shorter articles), listen to (podcasts) and watch (TedTalks, YouTube) are intended for self-reflection as well as for adults/parents, youth, and children. Click here for these resources.

Listening Together

Speakers will be invited to share their stories. They will be encouraged to help us understand what we are not hearing or comprehending about our culture. They will encourage, challenge, and support us to think differently about our society and ourselves.

Sharing, Encouraging, and Acting Together

We will gather to read longer and deeper contributions and discuss within small groups to deepen our awareness and action.

Upcoming Opportunities

A More Just World: Getting to Know the ‘Real’ Eden Prairie

Description: Do we really know the real Eden Prairie? We know a great deal about our community, but we also know that it is changing, too. How much is it changing? In what ways? What are the implications of our changing population on our community and within our schools? How can we open our eyes in new ways to welcome all?

As a part of A More Just World programming at St. Andrew, we welcome Chair Mr. Greg Leeper of the Eden Prairie Human Rights and Diversity Commission and Ms. Megan Yerks, Eden Prairie’s Community Services Coordinator, for a panel presentation and discussion about our neighborhoods.

Eden Prairie Human Rights and Diversity Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the City on matters of diversity, civil and human rights, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. They enlist the cooperation of agencies, organizations and individuals in the community to promote awareness and appreciation of diversity and work with community volunteers to promote the City’s Manifesto and provide response and support to victims of incidents of bias.

Eden Prairie Human Rights and Diversity Commission Presentation Slides

Eden Prairie’s Land Acknowledgement Statement

Contact persons: Pastor Peter Johnson and Pastor Gail Bach

IDI Update (January 2021)

St. Andrew Lutheran Church continues working for A More Just World, welcoming participants in a variety of ways as we together enter 2021 with a commitment to intentional learning.

St. Andrew is partnered with the Center for Leadership and Neighborhood Engagement (CLNE) in the Intercultural Development Inventories (IDI) process. 79 individuals including Church Council and staff members have taken the IDI assessment and met with Qualified Administrators for a personal debrief. These participants have been placed into small groups for ongoing monthly reflection through May 2021. Groups will discuss the MLK Day worship service provided by Church Anew as well as a discussion book about cultural awareness by Pastor Kelly Chatman, Executive Director, (CLNE).

For individuals looking to get involved in our process, you are welcome! Additional large and small group activities are on the schedule for you to newly engage and share in this important learning process. Contact Pastor Peter Johnson or Pastor Gail Bach with your interest and questions.

IDI Session Videos

  • Video 3: Congregational Debrief 2 and Next Steps – January 6, 2021
  • Video 2: Congregational Debrief 1 – November 18, 2020
  • Video 1: Introduction to the IDI – October 28, 2020

Personal Reflections on Race in Minnesota with St. Andrew Staff Person Steve Starks and Family

Contact: Pastor Peter Johnson or Pastor Gail Bach