Let’s make a difference together!

Loved by God through Christ, we are called to love into our world as Christ loves us. As faithful people, we tend to the needs of others and our church’s ministry when we share our gifts, talents and resources. The world experiences God’s love through us!

As a community of faith, St. Andrew members and our congregation as a whole make contributions for the betterment of God’s world. Together, we support a vibrant ministry in Eden Prairie that involves dynamic weekly worship, an enriching early learning program, a camping ministry in northern Minnesota and a multitude of service and learning programs designed to equip people of all ages.

Ways to Give

Financial Giving

Giving also involves sharing financial resources with the church, acknowledging that St. Andrew is a strong and faithful expression of God’s work in our community and world. Members of the community are encouraged to make a financial pledge to support the church. There are many ways in which members and friends can make a financial contribution to the General Fund at St. Andrew.

  • Create and Manage Recurring Gifts:
    • Visit our online giving portal
    • Enter the amount you wish to give and the frequency
    • Pay by e-check or credit card
    • It’s safe, secure & efficient
    • Your gifts support all of the ministries of St Andrew Lutheran Church
    • Church cash flow improves from your reccurring giving
  • Continue to receive or request personal giving envelopes from the church
    • Contribute each Sunday in-person or by mail
    • Utilize checks or cash
    • If you no longer wish to continue receiving personal envelopes please let John Nolan so we can save the expense of printing and postage for the envelopes
  • Bill Pay—Have your bank make automatic monthly payments directly to St Andrew
  • Check with your employer to see if they offer corporate matching gift programs
  • Make Direct Charitable Gifts periodically from your IRA or Donor Advised Fund
    • A growing trend
    • Significant income tax advantages for the IRA or Charitable Trust donor
    • Full market value of the gift is received by the church
  • Donate marketable stocks or mutual funds—St. Andrew Lutheran Church will provide instructions for the efficient transfer of stock
  • Bequests—Name St Andrew Lutheran Church as one of the beneficiaries of your life insurance policy, IRA, 401K, Trust, or Will for the distribution of your Estate
    • If you are like most people, you probably will not use all of your retirement assets during your lifetime
    • Leave a legacy of Faith, Hope & Love
    • Plan and arrange your legacy gift to help further our ministry and mission
    • Any amounts will transfer to St Andrew Lutheran Church free of income and estate tax and your estate will receive an income tax deduction
  • Donate Gifts-in-Kind such as real estate, vacation properties, cars, and boats
    • Conveniently transfer your other assets for the good of the church
    • The church will receive the full market value less sales commission
    • You will receive an income tax deduction equal to the market value
    • Experience the joy from helping St Andrew Lutheran Church continue to do God’s work

Time & Talent

Giving is not only about how the congregation gives financially, but it is also about you. Every member has many opportunities to live faithfully in daily life by sharing their time and talents within the ministry at St. Andrew (small group leaders, ushers, etc.) as well as within the broader community for the sake of Christ.

What Your Giving Supports

General Fund

Giving to the General Fund supports the day to day operation of our ministries—from staffing and administration to heating and lighting, from worship and music to Sunday School and fellowship. These are all important and necessary components of ministry at St. Andrew. Your generous support to the General Fund gives our staff the tools they need to offer creative and engaging ministry to our members and the larger community.

Benevolence Fund

St. Andrew also follows the biblical concept of a tithe by giving a portion of our offerings to the Benevolence Fund, supporting ministries, services and people outside our congregation where the need is great and the resources are scarce.

Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund is a way in which members and others can joyfully leave a legacy so future generations might have the resources they need to try new ideas, plant the seeds of the gospel in new places, touch lives in meaningful ways and continue the good work of their parents and grandparents living out their faith in daily life.

Thank You

Thank you for the many contributions you make to the work of God’s church in the world. Please let us know how we might assist you as you explore your many gifts that you have to share. Together we make a difference in the world for the sake of Christ!