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Church Anew is an ecumenical ministry dedicated to equip church leaders to face the adaptive changes needed for ministry today and tomorrow. We provide transformative learning opportunities to ignite faithful imagination and sustain inspired innovation.

Church Anew Blog

Our Church Anew Blog was launched on April 1, 2020 in the earliest stage of COVID-19. Our hope is to provide brief moments of encouragement and spiritual reflections by Church Anew speakers and friends during this difficult time. We are honored to share posts with readers nationally from all 50 states and internationally from more than 85 countries. God is still at work in the world and you are not alone. Check for new posts on our website or sign-up for our weekly update.

Church Anew Events

Enfleshing Witness

Days/Times: August 26, 11:00–1:30 AM

Description: In a short-form, intentionally crafted gathering, you will encounter ten distinct voices, speaking from their own communities, enfleshing witness for this moment of challenge and creativity in the church and in the world. Between these witnesses, you will encounter liturgical experiments and collaborations to help digest the call of the divine.

We invite preachers, storytellers, activists, and community leaders of color to perhaps hear some of your own stories in the pieces shared. White leaders are welcome but expected to participate with a posture of overhearing the witness rather than expecting it is for you.

The event is free to attend virtually and we invite support from congregations and institutions to form in-person viewing gatherings for conversation and creative response. Institutional supporters will receive bonus material and a discussion guide for facilitating conversation following the gathering.

Cost: Free, On demand for a fee

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Master Class in Communication

Description: Hear from a world class communicator, and learn practical communication skills to apply at church and home! Rob Bell has toured with Oprah, and Time Magazine named him one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.

Registration: $69 for full event (Monday evening + Tuesday morning)

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Special Monday Night Event: An Evening with Rob Bell

Days/Times: Special Monday Night Event now rescheduled for May 10, 2021.

Description: Hear inspiration, challenge, hope, and promise from one of the best tellers of good news in the world. Rob Bell spans comedy and preaching, faith and creativity. You won’t want to miss this evening.

Tickets: $30 for Monday evening event OR $69 for full event (Monday evening + Tuesday morning)

If you registered for the original May, 2020 date, please check your email for a status update sent 2/12/2021 from Church Anew or contact us at

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One Year Changed—Virtual Event

Description: We have been leading, parenting, learning, working, neighboring, and simply existing, within a global health crisis for over a year. It has changed the way we live our lives, the ways that we connect meaningfully with one another, and perhaps it has also changed our faith. In this evening virtual retreat format, gather with other people of faith to ponder how we might be moved into a different sort of spirituality this year. What have we let fall that we will never pick up again? What practices have emerged that may be meaningful far into the future? If this is truly a humanity-defining moment, what have we learned about our species? About ourselves? About our spirits?

Registration:On-Demand Access also available for Individual Use.

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Contact: Questions? Please contact us at

Christ | Christmas | Covid—Available On-Demand

Description: In a time of global pandemic, unprecedented civic unrest, political polarization, where can we find spiritual ground?

The answer of course is the most simple: Jesus Christ.

Celebrating Christmas 2020 and the birth of Jesus will be full of all sorts of grief. We are grieving lost routines and lost traditions. We are grieving the loss of loved ones and the loss of civil discourse. Jesus was born in such a time as this and is born for such a time as this. Featuring provocative, imaginative, and engaging short talks from both world-renowned speakers and emerging voices, Christ | Christmas | Covid will provide space to grieve and lament, while reclaiming the prophetic hope of this season.

On-Demand Access for Individual Use is still available for $30 for St. Andrew members (regular price $49). This grants you access to view the entire event for your personal/home use. Only one person per household needs to purchase this on-demand access. You may share with family and friends too!

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Contact: Questions? Please contact us at

Being Church Today—Available On-Demand

Description: The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody; clear disparities in healthcare that reveal ongoing inequities with COVID-19 deaths; political polarization that prevents real relationship, let alone legislative problem-solving; crippling unemployment numbers; impossible wealth disparity; pressing catastrophe from global climate change; the list could go on and on.

The church is called into the public square, into the halls of power and the voices protesting on the streets.

But how? And why? And to what end?

Church Anew gathered a diverse set of nationally recognized thought leaders to speak, in short form, to how the church can lead in a time like this. Keynote speakers amplified the voices of local leaders from the Minneapolis area, who shared stories of how the church is leading in our own context, particularly in response to systemic racism in our communities. This digital conference challenged, provoked, and inspired participants to reclaim the immediacy and necessity of ministry in a time like this.

Impact: Online offerings were collected for local churches and organizations featured during the event and proceeds from on-demand orders will go to nonprofits identified by local leaders to provide capital investment to BIPOC entrepreneurs in Minneapolis.

On-Demand access is still available for $30 for St. Andrew members with no deadline. You can order online and will receive access instructions including a password to view at your leisure. Questions? Please contact us at

On-Demand Access available for $30 for St. Andrew members

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