At a person’s death, the church shares the grief of those who mourn, and remembers the brevity of life on earth. The St. Andrew Lutheran staff is here to help you make arrangements and bring comfort to you.

Contact: Please call the church office at 952.937.2776. If it is outside of normal office hours the phone message will give you an emergency contact number.

St. Andrew Prayer Garden and Columbarium 

The St. Andrew Memorial Prayer Garden is prepared for interring the cremains of church members and loved ones in a place kept sacred for the remembering of those who have died. The Memorial Prayer Garden proclaims our Church’s mission to be a caring community of saints who have gone before and those who grieve their death and bear witness to the gift of eternal life.

Contact: Kathie Radcliffe

Funeral Reception Committee

Age Range: Adults and Teens

Days/Times: When there is a funeral at St. Andrew, you will be emailed and invited to donate food and/or to help set up, serve or clean up the reception. Usually during day time hours. May be weekdays or weekends. Frequency varies. Help when you are available

Description: We have two teams. One team donates food for funeral receptions. The second team sets up the dining room, serves, and cleans up following a funeral reception. We invite you to join one or both teams.

Contact: Marcia Lund, Kathy Olson, Janet Riley, Kelly Anderson, and/or Karen Willyard.