Worship & Hospitality Volunteers

Worship & Hospitality Volunteers

Great Hospitality is an Important Part of St. Andrew

It all starts with a smiling face and telling people “we’re glad you’re here!” Feeling welcome from the moment anyone walks through the door is essential—especially now. 

While the ways in which we can demonstrate good hospitality are limited during this pandemic time, it is more important than ever than that we do what we can.  Below are ways in which we are inviting you to be a part of our hospitality ministry 

Hospitality Volunteers

Age Range: Sunday morning attendees (adults & youth)

Days/Times: Sunday Mornings after 9:00 AM & 10:30 AM Service

Description: If you have participated in Sunday morning fellowship and enjoyed one of our rolls or coffee, you know how important this ministry is and how much people enjoy it. We have a friendly team of leaders who coordinate this effort every week and they would love your help. If you would like to help serve rolls or coffee—maybe once a month—maybe once a year—click here and you will be directed to sign-up Genius where you can pick your day and time. Thank you so much for sharing your time with others on Sunday morning!

Contact: Burke Hancer

Communion Assistants

Age Range: Youth–Adult

Days/Times: Sign up to serve when available

Description: Assist the pastors with distribution of the wine and bread for communion on the first and third Sundays mornings of the month. Training is available.

Contact: Burke Hancer


Age Range: Adult or Adult & Child

Days/Times: Sunday Mornings for the 9:00 AM or 10:30 AM Service

Description: Be the first face of St. Andrew as people walk in the building for worship on a Sunday morning. A simple wave to each person or family says, “Welcome! We’re Glad You’re Here!

Contact: Burke Hancer


Age Range: Adult or High School Youth

Days/Times: Sunday Mornings for the 9:00 AM or 10:30 AM Service

Description: As worshippers enter the sanctuary, having one or two  ushers available each week for assistance in knowing where to sit, where to place their offerings, or to simply be that person to go to with questions or concerns makes everyone feel welcome!

Contact: Burke Hancer

Safety Team

Age Range: Adults

Days/Times: Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings

Description: This team is working to develop and implement safety procedures here at St. Andrew and especially for Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. These procedures cover everything from weather related incidents to health-related events. They also cover evacuation procedures as well as how to respond to an active shooter. This team is also responsible for developing and providing training to our safety volunteers.

Contact: Burke Hancer

Worship Quiet Bags Teams

Age Range: 5th–12th Grade and adult leaders

Days/Times: Flexible, refresh Quiet Bags once or twice a month

Description: Prepare and refresh the worship quiet bags for young children (6 months–5 years old). Bags are offered to families to use for these young children during the worship services. Periodically, we meet to make new items for the bags.

Contact: Shawna Berg