Member Directory

Member Directory

One of our main goals at St. Andrew is to do all we can to make a big church “feel” small. It is our hope that this digital directory will help you get connected with new people—as well as—develop an even deeper relationship with those people you already know and care about.

Our church directory is available to view on any web browser. Instant Church Directory—the program we use to build our church directory—has a free website for church members to view our directory online. Below you will find directory help to walk you through this process.

Logging into the Directory

To view the directory online, go to to log in.

You will be asked to enter in your email address as it’s listed in our directory. If you have questions about which email to use or need assistance logging in please contact Dana Mostad at

The first time, click on the “Create a login now” under the Sign In button. Enter your email address and choose a password. You will be sent an email confirmation. In that confirmation email, click on the link inside to confirm your email, and log in with the password you just created. Click here for detailed login instructions.

Updating Your Family’s Directory Listing

  • Please be sure to upload a family photo
  • Add a family phone number and a family email
  • Add or edit Adults (Adults with different last names can be edited)
  • Add children/adult children that are in the household
  • Edit individuals—Each individual can include personal phone, email, and birthday if desired
  • Add adults’ anniversary if desired
  • Please wait until you have entered all of your information before you click “Submit Edits.”

If you need help with any step, please contact Dana Mostad at

All edits will be submitted to our team for approval before being added to the directory. You will not be able to make additional changes until submitted edits are approved.

Directory Security

Instant Church Directory website and databases are up to date with the latest security patches to protect against any current and future security threats. To ensure the directory is safe, only members who are entered in the directory can login to the website, and once that member is removed they no longer have access.

Instant Church Directory does not access members’ data. All data provided by members is held securely and Instant Church Directory does not use member information such as phone numbers or emails for marketing purposes.

Please include as much information as you are comfortable sharing with other members of St. Andrew. Our goal with a directory such as this is to help members put names to faces. We hope that this directory helps foster connections between members and make a large church feel a little smaller. If you wish to be unlisted in the directory please contact our administrator Kathie Radcliffe at


If you have any questions or need assistance logging in please contact Dana Mostad at