Lent 2024, March 13 — 6:30 PM Service

Lent 2024, March 13 — 6:30 PM Service

“Fairest Lord Jesus” (arr. Venita MacGorman) 
Ring of Fire, Linnae Stole (Director )


“Psalm 141” 

In a season when answers don’t come easily, 
when questions and doubts, concerns and fears abound, 
we gather with each other to hear a word of promise.  

God, our creator and sustainer, 
delights in our curiosity, 
calls forth our questions, 
and embraces our doubts, no matter what. 

In a world with enough for all,  
we remember that many lack enough to eat,  
live paycheck to paycheck, or long for meaningful work. 
Why, O Lord? 

As you call your people and this planet to peace and wholeness,  
we see communities in conflict and the countless costs of war.  
Why, O Lord? 

We share the same world, the same streets, the same air, 
but we appear to be more divided than ever. 
Why, O Lord? 

With our questions, with our fears,  
God answers with a better way,  
a way of love and harmony, 
a way of Jesus.  

Surrounded by this community of friends,  
we follow the way of Jesus into God’s promises 
of wholeness and hope that are unfolding before us,  
one step at a time.  



“Psalm 116 (You Turned My Soul to Rest)” (Robbie Seay and Benji Cowart, arr. Tim Graf)
Tim Graf, Penny Meier, Corwin Holk, Rachel Calvert 


“A Gaelic Blessing”

The Lord Almighty grant us a quiet night and peace at the last. 

It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praise to your name, O most high, to herald your love in the morning, your truth at the close of the day. 

“A Gaelic Blessing” (reprise) 

Tim Graf, Rachel Calvert, Corwin Holk

The Musicians for Today’s Worship

  • Tim Graf (Director of Worship & Music)
  • Linnae Stole (Ring of Fire Director )
  • Rachel Calvert 
  • Corwin Holk
  • Penny Meier
  • Ring of Fire

The Pastors of St. Andrew

Pastor Peter Johnson

Acting Interim Senior Pastor and Pastor of Service & Small Groups

Pastor Sarah Fike

Pastor of Children, Youth, & Family

Pastor Matthew Ian Fleming

Pastor of Teaching & Young Adults

Pastor Roger Schindel

Visitation Pastor

Pastor Sue Tjornehoj 

Interim Transition Pastor