10:30 AM Bulletin

At our 10:30 AM Contemporary Service will feature our worship band will leave us with toes tapping and spirits raised with tunes from today’s best songwriters. Gathered around dynamic and relevant preaching from our pastors, moments of prayer and reflection, and rooted in our Lutheran sacraments, we are sent out to be the change that God wants for us and for our world. The format may be new but the old, old story of Jesus and his love for us will never change. We encourage you to check it out this fall and bring a friend! At the 10:30 AM service, communion is celebrated first and third Sunday of the month.

September 17, 2023 – 10:30 AM Service

SONG“Let Everything (Praise the Lord)” WELCOME SONG“Brighter Days” CONFESSION AND FORGIVENESS Loving God,We long for a life that means something, for brighter days and authentic ways, but we miss your guidance and ignore your teaching.Forgive us today.We haven’t listened to your voice in our daily lives; we haven’t seen you all around us.Forgive us today.By things we have done and by things we have forgotten to do, we have hurt or ignored your world. Forgive us today. Forgive us and…