St. Andrew University: Upcoming Opportunities


Welcome to St. Andrew University, a diverse faith-based collection of courses and small groups opportunities for person-to-person, fellowship, education and faith-development. Presented in a myriad of small group, lecture-based learning, web-based engagement, as well as other formats, we hope members of the church and community will grow and widen their relationships with others, God, and with the world.


Wine and the Word

Age Range: Adults

Days/Times: Determined by individual small groups

Description: Wine and the Word is a home-based small group learning and fellowship opportunity for all members of St. Andrew looking to deepen relationships and their faith. Meet with a group of 6–10 people for one of three options:

  1. One Question. Simple conversation starter for information and friendly conversation.
  2. Faith Talk. Short video by a pastor with conversation about living faith in daily life.
  3. Difficult Questions. Dig deep with challenging topics and thought provoking questions.

You choose which is right for your group. We challenge everyone to join or host a wine and the word group!

Registration and Further Information: Wine and the Word

Contact: Pastor Peter Johnson at


Parenting Forum

Age Range: Parents of middle school and high school kids

Days/Times: Various evening times

Description: Parenting is a forum for parents to receive experienced and faith-based counsel on raising middle and high school youth in today’s complicated world. Topics include “What is on Your Kid’s Phone?” and “How to Talk to Your Kid and Get Them to Respond”. Large group presentations and small group discussion are planned.

Content Level: 101 (introductory, basic)

Further Information:  Parenting Forum

Contact: Pastor Peter Johnson at



Age Range: Teenager–adult

Days/Times: Various evening times

Description: St. Andrew University is committed to bringing to St. Andrew Lutheran Church highly trained and experienced presenters on matter of faith and life. These courses are taught by seminary and university/college professors or notable professionals. Seminar durations are one evening sessions to multiple evenings sessions. To defray costs, participants pay a modest fee to participate. Scholarships are available.

Further Information:  Seminars

Contact: Pastor Peter Johnson at


Faith-based Mindfulness Meditation

Age Range: Teenager–adults

Days/Times: Oct. 25, Nov. 1, and Nov. 8, 2017 from 6:30–8:00 PM

Leaders: A Lutheran pastor, a Presbyterian minister, and a Catholic meditation professional

Description: Stress has become America’s #1 health problem. Would you like to learn some faith-based techniques to counter daily anxiety and stress? Mindfulness is all the rage as an anecdote to daily stress and anxiety. Learn practical techniques to increase the relaxation response and decrease harmful stress responses through a contemplative spiritual practice. Discover how meditation is woven into the history of our Christian tradition and how it can help to manifest the Fruits of the Spirit among others. The three session series will include lecture, as well as time for practical application.

Content Level: 101 (introductory, basic)

Price: $10/person.

Registration: Click here to sign up for Mindfulness Series

Contact: Pastor Roger Schindel at