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5:30 PM – Contemporary: Casual, Experiential, Music for Today

Jesus’ life and ministry took place around a table. He was often found teaching at the table, or sitting with people that weren’t supposed to be there. The religious folks were offended by the company that Jesus kept. Ultimately it was around a table that Jesus prepared his followers for a life of serving and loving and caring for a world that aches for grace.

It is around this same table that we gather, to hear who Jesus is in our midst, to connect with one another, to grow deep and wide, and to give of ourselves.

  • The table is an equalizer, where we all come as saint and sinner at once.
  • The table calls us to share our gifts.
  • The table is where we taste that love is real and grace is for us.

This fall, join us for a brand new worship service, where we will gather at the table every week. Music is high energy, teaching is easy to understand and engaging. Every week you will participate in worship and eat at the table.


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