Pause Sermon Series

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The call of Advent is a call to rest in the heart of God, to let our spirits settle, and prepare our hearts for the restless call of God with us. This Advent, we will learn together how to rest in the Spirit of God by grounding our daily lives in faith. We all need some rest. So join us each Sunday as we welcome the stillness of God’s mercy and love.

Pause Challenge

Pick one challenge and try to do it once this week. Join us each Sunday and challenge yourself throughout the week!


Week 1: November 26 – Refuge

Text: Luke 3:15–16 & Psalm 91:1–6
Refuge” Pastor Peter Johnson
Refuge” Pastor Matthew Fleming

Week 1 Challenges:

  1. Spend at least 15 minutes going for a walk—around the block, around the yard, or even around the office. Look around, take note of whatever catches your eye; concentrate on it. When you get back, write it down. As you go through your day, revisit your list. Remember what you noticed and say a quick thank you for each item.
  2. Try saying “thank you”—for everything. Say it to God for every inconvenience that causes you to grow. Say “thank you”. Don’t just think it or tell it to yourself. Actually speak the words, and mean them.


Week 2: December 3 – Rest

Text: Matthew 11:25–30 & Isaiah 11:1–10
Rest” Pastor David Lillejord
Rest” Lindsay Bates

Week 2 Challenges:

  1. Challenge yourself to set aside time this week to do something that you may feel is unproductive. It’s not grocery shopping. It’s not getting clothes for the kids. It may be just window shopping. It may be just staring out the window looking at nature.
  2. This week resolve to take a nap. Experts suggest that even a 20 minute nap improves mood, energy, and alertness.


Week 3: December 10 – Restless

Restless” Pastor Matthew Fleming

Week 3 Challenges:

  1. You have been challenged to delete your most used app from your phone – gasp! Choose a specific amount of time – a day, a week, etc.). See if you want it back when it’s over.
  2. Take a God Pause each day (set a reminder on your phone or calendar at 2 PM, for instance). Say a prayer.


Week 4: December 17 – Rejoice

Text: Luke 1:46–56