Disaster Response to Support Ukraine

Disaster Response to Support Ukraine

Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine enduring the war as we pray to God for the return of peace. Lutheran World Relief (LWR) has a long history of bringing targeted aid to families and communities in dire need around the world. Their partnerships in Ukraine will to evolve to meet the needs of the Ukrainian people including emergency food, clean water, safe shelter, medical supplies.

Lutheran World Relief expects their initial work in the Ukraine war relief to focus on their specific strength areas alongside other related organizations. LWR is related to Corus International, an ensemble of like-minded and coordinated international relief organizations. Corus has dedicated an initial $1 million to war aid. LWR will focus on food, shelter, and other critically needed items, including quilts and care kits. Other related organizations will address health and medical supply needs as well the emergency fund distributions to refugees most in need. We pray that these coordinated efforts through various partners bring maximum relief to the victims of the war.

Financial donations can be made at St. Andrew labelled “Ukraine Relief” and will be distributed to LWR. We are grateful that quilts made by St. Andrew quilters will be shared with LWR for their ongoing relief work as well.

Contact: Pastor Peter Johnson

Ukraine: Group Discussion and Prayer

The crisis in Ukraine weighs heavily on our hearts. Coming together for faithful support and encouragement is important.

Join a St. Andrew pastor each Sunday at 10:00 AM in the chapel during Lent (through April 10, 2022) for casual discussion, support, and prayer. All ages are welcome.

If you would like to participate virtually register below for the zoom link.