Brent Haglund

Hello, my name is Brent Haglund and I am very excited to be joining the staff and community at St. Andrew! I grew up in Fridley, MN, attended Augsburg University (then College) and now live in South Minneapolis with my family. I am beyond blessed by my wife, Alyssa and we have two children, Calla and Bergen. I am a child of God, son, brother, husband, dad, and friend and some things I really enjoy doing are camping together as a family up on the North Shore, climbing (bouldering to be specific), and mountain and road/gravel biking. One of these days I’ll get running back into my life too having done so from a young age through college. I got into ministry through a sense of call I first felt in high school and then the right things coming together. Growing up I was privileged to have numerous faithful adults in various areas of my life and I have always aspired to be the same for today’s young people as well as their families. I’ve been so fortunate to be able to pursue that as both a vocation and career!

Music & Worship Director/Bells of Joy Dir.
Tim Graf
Children's Ministry Director
Shawna Berg