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Welcome to Wine and the Word, a new 2016 small group learning opportunity at St. Andrew University.

Overview: Faith was never meant to be an individual thing. The way that faith takes root is through our relationships, by being a part of a community that holds Christ at the center, sharing joys and burdens together. So this fall, get together with your friends for a glass of wine (or your beverage of choice) and the Word of God. The focus is on forming and caring for relationships and inviting God to be a part of it, so your time will be spent on conversation around some simple topics for the evening.

Format: Each month beginning in October, a 5-10-minute web-based video by a St. Andrew pastor and accompanying questions will be posted on this webpage with accompanying small group questions. This is not a lecture, nor a book study.

Meeting places and times will vary: Gather in homes, at a local coffee shop, or where ever your group wants to meet. Location and times are determined by each group. All you will want is internet access.


There are two ways to register. If you have a group of people with whom you would like to participate, one person can register the whole group. Or, if you want to meet new people, we will form groups for you. Click the link below that fits your circumstance.

  • Want to create your own group? Register your whole group here.
  • Want to join a group in your area? Register here.


Genesis to Revelation Track


Genesis to Revelation track takes participants through core passages of the Bible from Gen-to-Rev, deepening ownership within the overall arc of scripture. This track will be a bit deeper, ‘201’ style sessions.

  • October – How to Read the Bible
  • November – The Torah
  • December – Historical Books
  • January – Wisdom Books
  • February – Prophets
  • March – Gospels and Acts
  • April – Letters
  • May – Revelation


Faith and Life Track


Christian Faith and Life track will highlight through video and questions specific components of the Christian faith and life. This track is a bit lighter, ‘101’ style sessions.

  • October – God in the busy
  • November – God in the politics
  • December – God in the family
  • January – God in the wallet
  • February – God in the decisions
  • March – God in the sadness
  • April – God in the workplace
  • May – God in the ballpark

Christian Practice: Each session will include a Christian spirituality practice such a prayer.

Registration Links

  • If forming your own group, register here.
  • To join a group, register here.

Watch the Videos

Genesis to Revelation Track Page

Faith and Life Track Page


Peter Johnson

Pastor Peter Johnson

Pastor of Small Groups & Service
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952.697.7113 (direct dial)


Matthew Fleming

Matthew Fleming

Pastor of Teaching and Young Adults
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