Congregational Care

There are a variety of small groups who come together to provide congregational care and compassion toward others.


Whats Happening Now

Manna Meals Needs Volunteers

Age Range: Teenager–adult

Days/Times: Typically twice a year

Description: The Manna Meals program is in need of volunteers to help prepare meal, facilitate the group’s meal preparation and delivery, and coordinate for a few Manna Meal Groups. All levels of participation require minimal time commitment.

Contact: Beth Soderberg at or Jeanie Anderson at



Congregational Care Ministry


Age Range: Infants–adults

Days/Times: 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sunday morning of each month and any Sunday Night Worship service

Description: It is through the Sacrament of Holy Baptism that we are welcomed into Christ’s family. We welcome both young and old into the church through Baptism.

Further Information: Visit the Baptisms Page

Contact: Pastor Matthew Fleming at



Days/Times: Agreed upon date

Description: We are excited to offer to members as well as non-members our beautiful St. Andrew sanctuary for your wedding. The pastors, musicians, and other members of our faith community will assist you in preparation for this event. Pre-marriage ministry includes pre-marriage counseling.

Further Information: Visit the Weddings Page

Contact: Cindy Johnson at



Description: At a person’s death, the church shares the grief of those who mourn, and remembers the brevity of life on earth. The St. Andrew Lutheran staff will help you make arrangements and bring comfort to you.

Further Information: Visit Funerals and Prayer Garden Page

Contact: Please call the church office. If it is outside of normal office hours the phone message will give you an emergency contact number.


Funeral Reception Committee

Age Range: All ages

Days/Times: Normally scheduled during the daytime and according to needs, 3–4 days notice is provided for volunteers

Description: The Funeral Committee provides vital care and support for families during times of mourning by providing lunch or afternoon bars/coffee following funeral and memorial services. Members of the committee setup the Fellowship Hall, provide donations of food based on the set menu, maintain the service lines during the lunch, and help with clean up.

Contact: Mary Gustafson at, Marcia Lund at, Kathy Olson at, and Mary Ann Smith at


Manna Meals

Age Range: Teenager–adult

Days/Times: Flexible

Description: Manna Meals are meals prepared by several teams of St. Andrew volunteers. These meals are delivered by the volunteer teams to members and friends of St. Andrew on a ‘as needed’ basis. (People recovering from illness, surgery, death of a loved one, birth of a baby, or simply recuperating at home from poor health may receive Manna Meals). If you are interested in joining a team to help prepare these meals, please contact Pastor Roger.

Contact: Pastor Roger Schindel at


New Member Hosts & Hostesses

Age Range: Teenager–adult

Days/Times: Each New Member orientation session

Description: Helping to welcome new members to the St. Andrew community is an important step in showing hospitality. Mentors attend New Member Orientation sessions to get to know our newest members, provide hospitality and help to facilitate discussion during the orientation.

Contact: Pastor Peter Johnson at


Wellness Team

Age Range: Teenager–adult

Days/Times: Monthly meetings

Description: The Wellness Team is tasked with looking creatively at the spiritual and physical well-being of the congregation.

Contact: Pastor Roger Schindel at