Congregational Care

There are a variety of small groups who come together to provide direct care and compassion toward others.

Funeral Reception Committee

Age range: All ages

Days/times: Normally scheduled during the daytime and according to needs. 3-4 days notice is provided for volunteers.

Description: The Funeral Committee provides vital care and support for families during times of mourning by providing lunch or afternoon bars/coffee following funeral and memorial services. Members of the committee setup the Fellowship Hall, provide donations of food based on the set menu, maintain the service lines during the lunch and help with clean up.

Contact: Mary Gustafson, Marcia Lund  and Nikki Anderson


Care Caller

Age Range: Adults

Days/Times: Varies

Description: People trained to make follow up phone calls about every two months on all the people on our weekly prayer list that is published in our worship bulletins. The caller provides updates that are shared at pastoral care meetings each week.

Contact: Pastor Roger Schindel


Friendship Visitors

Age Range: Adults

Days/Times: Each Month

Description: A ministry to visit our home-bound members on a monthly basis. Currently, 15 volunteers call on our shut ins once per month. They check on how well the person is doing, share in casual conversation, have devotional together including a prayer and then schedule a next visit. Consider joining us.

Contact: Pastor Roger Schindel


Manna Meals

Age range: Teenager to adult

Days/times: Flexible

Description: Just like the Israelites received daily bread from heaven in the Sinai, providing a fresh meal to people in times of need is faithful, comforting and fulfilling. Manna Meals is a network of individuals who work through the Wellness Team in partnership with the pastors and care providers of the church to care for others. Cooks and meal deliverers are welcome.

Contact: Pastor Roger Schindel


New Member Mentors

Age range: Teenager through Adult

Day/Time: Each New Member orientation session (3 times/year)

Description: Helping to welcome new members to the St. Andrew community is an important step in showing hospitality. Mentors attend New Member Orientation sessions to get to know our newest members, provide hospitality and help to facilitate discussion during the orientation.

Contact: Pastor Gail Bach


Wellness Team

Age range: Teenager to adult

Days/times: Monthly meetings

Description: The Wellness Team is tasked with looking creatively at the spiritual and physical well-being of the congregation. Examples of their ministry include last year’s Wednesday night Lenten theme “Wellness – Inside and Out” exploring physical, social, intellectual and financial health. The team also plans the Manna Meals program for the church.

Contact: Pastor Roger Schindel