Upcoming Haiti Mission Trips

‘Mini’ mission trip – high impact, focused, shorter, cheaper

Labor Day Mission Trip (August 31-Sept. 5): Dates are approximate. Dates are confirmed with ticket purchase immediately following deadline. Deadline: August 4

Description: ‘Mini’ mission trips to Haiti are designed to be a high impact, more compact, cheaper in cost, and narrower in focus that a full Seeds of Support mission trip to Haiti. For people without extensive vacation time, with more limited financial resources, or who want a shorter mission trip commitment, a ‘mini’ is just for you.

Age Range: High school through adults

Cost: $1,200

Registration:  Labor Day 2017 mission trip registration is coming soon. Contact Pastor Peter Johnson at pastorpeter@standrewlu.org if interested.


Full mission trip – full duration, multi-faceted, maximum impact

November 25-December 3, 2017 (Deadline: August 14)
January 20-28, 2018 (Deadline: October 1, 2017)
2018 Spring Break with a Purpose March 30-April 8 (Deadline: December 15, 2017)

Age Range: High school through adults

Registration Deadline: TBD

Description: Haiti mission trips include Kid’s Club, community health and wellness, cultural sight-seeing and awareness, light construction work, and business planning and development for the bakery and peanut butter business.

All trips work toward the goal of accompanying our partner congregation in Haiti, Redemption Lutheran Church of Jacmel of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Haiti.

Cost: $2,000/person

More Information: Please contact Pastor Peter at pastorpeter@standrewlu.org.

Mission Trip Registration


Haitian Bakery: Redemption Lutheran Church Bakes Bread for the First Time

Redemption Bakery and Patio

Two years ago, Seeds of Support Mission: Haiti heard from the women of Redemption Lutheran Church of Jacmel, Haiti that a bakery employing members of the church and community would be a great blessing for their lives. The recent Spring Break 2017 mission trip brought them a step closer to this reality: the first batch of freshly baked bread.

“We worked for six long days getting the bakery ready, building cooling racks, hooking up the gas lines, and other projects,” said Elliott Meier, one of the 18 mission trip participants and a trained chef known around St. Andrew for his Sunday morning caramel rolls. “When Saturday came, we finally could bake our first batch. But, we needed to travel to Port au Prince at noon. While the bread barely had time to rise properly, it tasted good and people were so excited.”

“Accompanying this bakery process has been slow, deliberate and exciting,” says John Kohner, trip leader and member of the Seeds of Support board. “A bakery business is complex. Business plans need to be drafted. People need to be trained to bake and deliver the bread. Good policies and practices need to be put into place.” While financial assistance is planned to assist in the startup of the operations, says Kohner, “the bakery needs to sustain itself in the future.”

Seeds of Support will make its next trip to Jacmel over Labor Day 2017 to help the business implementation process along. Future mission trip participants will witness first-hand the bakery’s development and its effect on the community.

For a video about the operations of the bakery, click here.





Update on Hurricane Matthew and Seeds of Support Programs and Personnel


Thank you for your continued prayers for all the people of Haiti as they continue with the extensive recovery process from Hurricane Matthew. We pray specifically for our Haiti friends in Jacmel (and the small village of Pasquette) who partner with us in Seeds of Support. We also offer prayers for Jorel, Joseph, and Kerlange, all valuable members of our Haiti Team. Thankfully, within our network of friends there was no loss of life.

A Targeted Response: Our Friends in Pasquette

There are many international relief efforts ongoing to Haiti. These efforts however, focus on the hardest hit areas in the west of the island and in the cities. Communities in the east of the island and in rural areas are being largely overlooked to date. St. Andrew’s Seeds of Support has designed a response to the disaster that will fully accompany and benefit our local companions including Redemption Lutheran Church in Pasquette outside of Jacmel, Haiti.

Through a site visit by Jorel Carte, our local program coordinator, interviews and photographs, Seeds of Support has learned that the community of Pasquette, Haiti (appox. 250 residents) suffered disastrous effects from Hurricane Matthew’s winds and rains causing devastating flooding and erosion. While we are grateful there was no loss of life, losses included massive crop erosion and death of goats. These crops and animals are the livelihoods of the residents. There is immediate concern for food and clean water. Cases of cholera are also returning to the area. Jobs are scarce. Seeds of Support’s recommends focusing in two areas: Emergency Disaster Response and Empowerment/Sustainability.

These pictures show important components of the hurricane response for members of the community struggling with the rising cost and scarcity of food.  Pastor Holand is pictured with rice, bleach for water treatment, and cooking oil.


Giving Opportunities to Support the Effort (1:1 match by St. Andrew’s Benevolence Fund up to $8,000)

For Redemption Lutheran Church and the Pasquette community, our efforts are likely all the help they will get in the immediate months.  Seeds of Support Board recommends a $16,000 disaster response and is grateful for the generous sponsorship from St. Andrew’s Benevolence Fund matching up to $8,000 provided by individual donors. Please consider donating to the Haiti Fund to support our efforts.

Here are the details of our response:

Emergency Disaster Response
1. Distribute rice and beans for immediate food needs (~$3,500)
2. Secure and provide additional maintenance for a safe, potable water supply via the previously built well (~$1,500)
3. Support health and wellness (~$1,000): cholera treatments and education, hire Haitian doctor/nurse

Empowerment and Sustainability
1. Purchase local seeds and animals to rebuild local economy (~$1,000)
2. Purchase equipment for emerging bakery business to provide sustainable jobs, income and food ($9,025)


Hurricane Matthew Before/After Pictures



Hurricane Matthew Updates from Haitian Personnel

We have learned from news reports and direct communications with the Haiti Team that the torrential rains and winds have dramatically challenged Haiti with flooding, power loss, landslides, etc.

Here are excerpts of communications on Tuesday (October 3), when Matthew made landfall:

Joseph (Tuesday): Thanks my brother, I mean like it very terrible! God bless you!

Kerlange (Tuesday): I’m still doing ok, but a lot of people become homeless last night and still raining very hard today. Continue praying for Haiti please.

Excerpts from Wednesday (October 5):

Joseph: It very worst now and it killing people. I don’t like it. It terrible. I’m in the street now [followed by a thumbs up icon]. Now I have problem to buy food.

Kerlange: Don’t worry Auntie Deb. God will protect us and He can do anything.

Jorel: Dear Pastor Peter, we are all safe from the hurricane and the people of Jacmel also I have called pastor Holland.

Joseph: And I heard about Les Cayes [southwestern Haiti] and it’s not really good! They are not safe. I mean like they have a lot of trouble. And I think they need a lot of praying! God be with you and have a good night.

Kerlange: Thank you, Auntie Deb for checking on me I felt very special and thank you for all your prayers. Love you. Today it’s a little cloudy but everything is fine. Thank you!

Friday (October 7):

Joseph: Bonswa madam! Tout bagay okey. Bondye beni. [Translation: Good afternoon! Everything is okay. God bless.]

Tuesday (October 11):

Jorel Carte is planning to visit Pasquette from his home in Port au Prince on Friday this week. He shares with us that the community members are safe, but transportation has been difficult. He will give Seeds of Support an update as soon as he is able.

Kerlange: Hi Auntie Deb, Don’t worry. I will be careful and I’m doing great. Thanks. Love you! Lots of my friends lose their crops and animals too.

Wednesday (October 12):

Joseph in Port au Prince: Yes I mean in Port au Prince, life is not too bad, and the problem is you should have something to do, and to make money right, and for the water that’s happening everywhere, some of the people drinking good water, and some of them drinking bad water! 

Sunday (October 16):

Jorel managed to travel to Pasquette, the community where the mission is located.  He reported the following:

Dear friends in Christ, I take this moment to explain to you the situation of the people of Pasquette after the hurricane Matthew this past week. Thanks be to God we have no lost of human lives
nor houses collapse but lots of lost of goats, oxen and farms by the river.

You can read the into their faces.  One of the lost one is Pastor Holland’s banana plantation beside the church building. All is gone from the hurricane and now he is very desperate. Further more, the Cholera virus is spreading throughout communities.

PS: The members of the Church [lost] all their resources: peanuts, pigeon beans. Whenever you talk to them, they only have one response.  “We don’t know what would be our future.”

Pastor Holland told me during the hurricane he received 30 families in the church beside the church members.

This is from Pastor Holland: I would like thank all brothers and sisters from St Andrews for all the  prayers because without prayers I might not have this congregation alive evenvthough they are very desperate.  But I have so much confidence that we will be overcome. As a leader I am so sad my beloved Ones are facing through a very difficult situation where I can only support them spiritually. Even though I am not alone because God and St Andrews are with me therfore my arm is open to say please continue to remember the poor in Pasquette. May God continue to bless you all.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Haiti. Stay tuned for further updates. May God bless and keep the people of Haiti.

Pastor Peter Johnson


Progress on Multipurpose Building in Pasquette, Makes Bakery Possible

Bakery Collage

Our place of mission, Pasquette, is a small and rural village overlooking the small city of Jacmel. Jobs are scarce. Without jobs, parents can’t afford to send their kids to school. Redemption Lutheran Church, our partner congregation, has a vision for its ministry – jobs for members of the community.

A multipurpose building has been constructed to house small businesses for the community, including the goal of a community-owned, self-sustaining bakery. Here is a simple presentation that pictorially outlines the construction progress on the building through early April 2016.

Bakery Building Construction Timeline through Pictures

Currently, Seeds of Support is putting plans in place to purchase bakery equipment such as an oven, mixer and other needed capital materials.

Thank you for your interest and support as we participate in the ways God brings life and hope to all people.



From Simple Peanuts to Hope for the Future

After a dozen mission trips to Haiti, Seeds for Support Mission: Haiti at St. Andrew Lutheran Church has a new idea. Our faithful partnership with Redemption Lutheran Church in Pasquette is turning peanuts into peanut butter. It’s just one of the ways we work together to improve the economic lives of people in the local community.

Where unemployment in Haiti is close to 80 percent and the average salary for laborers is $370 per year, we are creating sustainable income in the community. Most of the families here grow peanuts in patches by their homes for a little extra income. Selling peanuts in the market has a very low profit margin, especially when the farmers owe a percentage of the income to their landowner.

However, grinding roasted peanuts into peanut butter and selling it at local markets, hotels and restaurants creates a higher income for the farmers and their families.

What does this mean for the people of Pasquette? It has to do with affordable education. Because of cost, it is common that only one or two children of a family have the opportunity to go to school. A greater income from peanut butter means more schooling opportunities for more children. And, education brings a brighter future for our Haitian friends.

Peanut Grinder Video Presentation


2015-8 Children's Bible Distribution

Pastor Matthew Fleming Distributes Creole Children’s Bibles at Partner Church

During the summer session of Vacation Bible School at St. Andrew, the call was made to the participants to help provide for our Haitian partners children’s Bibles in the Haitian language of Creole. Thanks to the St. Andrew children’s generous support, and with the help of Pastor Holland Dezimeau of Redemption Lutheran Church, Pastor Matthew Fleming dedicated 16 new children’s Bibles during his trip there during August 2015. Each mission trip to Haiti includes the supply of Bibles for the congregation.


2015-2 Dedication of Multipurpose Building

12th Mission Trip to Haiti in February 2015; Record 18 Participants

Seeds of Support Mission: Haiti has partnered with Redeemer Congregation in rural Pasquette, Haiti, a congregation of the Lutheran Church of Haiti (ELH). We work alongside the people – building, teaching, learning, and praying together. Throughout the eleven mission trips that have been taken through Seeds of Support, we are grateful for the chance to transforms lives through the experience, both for participants and our Haitian friends.

Building upon our past successes like the construction of a solar-powered well, upcoming projects include the establishment of a multipurpose building to house community small businesses, an effort to build sustainable livelihood projects like peanut grinding and a bakery, English as a second language (ESL), and community health and wellness.

Contacts: Pastor Peter Johnson

Winter Mission Trip Slideshow
Winter Mission Trip Blog


Jorel Carte picture

St. Andrew Welcomed Jorel Carte November 2014

SEEDS of Support Mission: Haiti was pleased to welcome Jorel Carte to St. Andrew on Sunday, Nov. 23 for a presentation and dialogue about mission and ministry in Haiti. In conjunction with his visit, SEEDS for Support Mission: Haiti has made for sale Creole bibles ($100) as a fundraiser, distributing bibles to the community with which we are partnered and support the work of SEEDS. Contact Pastor Peter for details.

As a child growing up in the mountains of Haiti, Mr. Carte was able to attend school because his pastor loaned Mr. Carte his shoes. Today, as the Director of Mission Trips and Communications for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Haiti, Mr. Carte has skillfully accompanied SEEDS on several mission trips as interpreter and facilitator, providing thoughtful and relevant insights into the country, its people and the church.