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Cornerstone Adopt-a-Family

Project Partner: Cornerstone Adopt-a-Family

Cost: Purchase multiple gifts for a whole family ranging from $80–320.

Description: Founded in 1983, Cornerstone’s mission is to reduce the prevalence of domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking, and general crime.
Provide Christmas gifts for a whole family through Cornerstone’s Adopt-a-Family program. A personalized wish list for each family member is provided. Each gift costs between $10 and $40. Sponsors usually purchase at least two presents for each family member. If they wish, some also like to include a gift card to a local grocery store to use towards a holiday meal.

Project Instructions: Each signup will be contacted separately via email with a specific shopping list for the adopted family. All gifts need to be wrapped and labelled per instructions.

For more information:

Project Dates to Know: Gifts deadline is December 5

Contact: Terrie Eggers