St. Andrew Lutheran Church History

1973 A sign appears on the abandoned hilltop, 10th tee of the Edenvale Golf Course IN Eden Prairie which read “Future Site – Lutheran Church.”
January 25, 1973 The first service of St. Andrew Lutheran Church was held at the Central Middle School, now the Administration Building of Eden Prairie Schools.
December, 1975 42 adults and 28 children signed the charter
October 31, 1976 The charter membership was closed with 75 adults and 47 children having signed. The congregation’s organizational meeting was held that day – led by Dr. Abner Arthur of the synod office.
November 7, 1976 We held the organization service with 67 confirmed members and 112 baptized members. The first Church Council consisted of six members including: Robert Warren, Larry Anderson, Tim Olcott, Robert Danielson, Harold Rasmussen and Doris Johnson.
May 15, 1977 Pastor Rod Anderson was installed and the first confirmation class was confirmed.
June 1, 1977 St. Andrew was welcomed into the Minnesota Synod and the Lutheran Church in America at the synod Convention at Gustavus Adolphus College.
September 1, 1977 Worship services were moved to Forest Hills School.
Spring of 1978 St. Andrew had its first capital funding appeal.
July 29, 1978 Broke ground for the first church building.
June 1, 1905 St. Andrew welcomed 181 new family members.
Palm Sunday, 1980 The building project was finished and the congregation held its first Palm Sunday parade, complete with donkey, walking from Forest Hills School to the new church.
June 1, 1980 The new church building at the corner of Mitchell Road and Valley View Road was dedicated, at which time the congregation had grown to 337 confirmed members.
1983 The congregation grew to over 1,400 members. It had become obvious during this time that the existing building was too small to serve this growing congregation.
September 1, 1983 A new building committee was formed and ground was broken for a 13,700 square foot addition to the church
September 8, 1984 Ground breaking for the building addition.
Good Friday, 1985 The last service was held in the first sanctuary, later called the Upper Room.
Easter Sunday 1985 First worship in the new sanctuary.
September 22, 1985 Dedication of the building addition.
November 1, 1984 St. Andrew called its first associate pastor, Pastor Ed DuBose.
1988 By the end of this year, St. Andrew was at a crossroads as the church was again outgrowing its building and limited in its options at the site on Mitchell Road.
August 1, 1988 St. Andrew called Deb Bigley to begin create and implement a preschool ministry which became a primary beach head in ministry for our many young families.
1989 A real estate task force pursued possibilities for expansion.
1990 St. Andrew’s limits for ministry in the existing site were maximized by adding a fourth service and expanding the parking lot on the adjacent land which was affectionately called the “hill and the hole”.
January 1, 1991 St. Andrew authorized the purchase of the MTS/Anderson Farm Site which would serve as the new location for St. Andrew Lutheran Church. The site was the result of a unique corporate/church partnership. St. Andrew would purchase 5 acres from the MTS Corporation for our new building and share parking lots and maintenance with MTS.
November 1, 1991 St. Andrew called Pastor Paul Hammarberg as Congregational Life Pastor.
Christmas 1991 We held our first service at the new MTS/Anderson farm site on a very cold Christmas Eve and Christmas Day where about 65 people gathered for each service at the manger in the barn.
February 1, 1992 Antioch Christian Fellowship purchased the property on Mitchell Road. The church staff moved to temporary offices on Commerce Way while worship services were held at the Eden Prairie High School and Education Center.
Trinity Sunday 1992 Site Blessing and Groundbreaking for “phase I” of the new church building took place.
Mother’s Day, 1994 St. Andrew had its first worship services at the “2nd” new site.
Sept 17–18, 1994 The new church on Technology Drive was dedicated. Synod Bishop David Olson and ELCA Bishop Herbert Chilstrom attended. The building included a sanctuary which seated 650 worshipers, a large two-story multi-purpose room, and office and classroom space. We also expanded our Early Childhood ministries to include a licensed childcare program.
Dec 24–25, 1994 First Christmas in the new sanctuary where 4,301 worshippers attended
Summer of 1996 After 12 years of service, Pastor Ed DuBose accepted a call as Associate Pastor at King of Kings Lutheran Church in Woodbury.
September 1, 1997 Called Pastor Melanie Heuiser Hill as Teaching Pastor
1994–1996 St. Andrew was noted to be the fastest growing congregation in the ELCA
1997 St. Andrew initiated The Master’s Plan 2000 building fund appeal for the construction of a new worship, music and administration space to be occupied by Easter 2000.
1998 Entered into a unique partnership with Camp Heartland to provide a new and enriched camping ministry for our youth. It was a 3-year lease/option–to–purchase agreement to establish our own self–directed, self–supported camping ministry for the very first time.
May 1, 1998 Called Pastor Hans Wiersma to St. Andrew at Youth and Family Pastor
April 17–18, 1999 Ground breaking for the construction of a new sanctuary which seats 1,300 and 30,000 additional square feet for worship, music, administration, library, prayer chapel/cry room, classrooms and expanded kitchen.
April 23, 2000 Easter 2000 was the first day of worship of our new sanctuary. 5,740 worshipers came for worship that morning.
Sept 17–18, 2000 This was the fourth dedication of building and property in the history of St. Andrew.
May 24, 2001 St. Andrew voted to purchase 30 acres on Pleasant Lake in Hackensack, Minnesota, to use as our church camp. A 5–year Long Range Camp Development Plan was drafted giving us a clear vision for our camping ministry at SPIRIT in the PINES Camp.
November 1, 2001 After six years at St. Andrew, Pastor Melanie Heiuser Hill resigned her position as Teaching Pastor at St. Andrew.
November 7, 2001 St. Andrew celebrated its 25th anniversary
May 1, 2002 St. Andrew voted to acquire the property of Living Hope Lutheran Church in Chaska, Minnesota, to provide their pastoral ministry and assume their governance into ours as we became a “One Church/Two Locations” ministry.
August 11, 2002 We held our first worship service at “St. Andrew West”.
Nov 23–24, 2002 St. Andrew called Pastor John Brecount as our Congregational Life Pastor and Pastor Donna Rohrer as our Teaching Pastor.
2002 Began planning work for the construction of a Dining Hall at SPIRIT in the PINES
August 19, 2003 Our congregation met and approved the construction of the Camp Dining Hall at SPIRIT in the PINES.
Sept 27–28, 2003 Ground breaking for Dining Hall at SPIRIT in the PINES
July 18, 2004 Dedication of SPIRIT in the PINES Camp Dining Hall. We welcomed about 500 youth campers and about 100 family campers during our first season of camping ministry in Hackensack, Minnesota.
Early 2005 Pastor Donna Rohrer resigned her call as Teaching Pastor at St. Andrew
May 1, 2006 Called Teaching Pastor Sarah Moat to St. Andrew
2007 St. Andrew approved the plans for a Memorial Prayer Garden with a Columbarium of 108 niches for cremation remains, a gazebo and a memorial walking trail with sitting benches for reflection and meditation.
August 1, 2007 St. Andrew unanimously approved the construction of two camper cabins, sanctuary technology improvements and a Memorial Prayer Garden, all without incurring any new debt.
2008 Pastors John Brecount and Paul Hammarberg resigned their positions as Congregational Life and Congregational Care Pastors. Called Pastor Tasha Genck as our new Congregational Life Pastor.
February 23, 2009 Called Pastor Alan Loose as our “Lead Pastor” to work together with Pastor Rod as “Senior Pastor”.
May 15, 2010 Received a 1–year notice of the resignation of Pastor Rod Anderson as “Senior Pastor“, effective May 15, 2011.