Council Leadership

Interested in Joining Congregational Council?

Are you interested in serving the church and broadening your perspective on what happens at St. Andrew? Consider serving on the congregational council.

What does the council do? It has broad responsibility for all the ministries, programs, activities, facilities, and finances of St Andrew Lutheran Church. It meets monthly to discuss the business and spiritual affairs of the church and acts in the best interests of the church as a whole.

What kids of skills are needed? First of all, people who love Jesus and love the church are needed. Other than that, a wide variety of skills are needed in all areas: programs, ministries, outreach, missions, finances, facilities, and staff.

For more information read the Congregational Council FAQs.

Congregational Council Members

Robert Webster


Term: 2015-2017

Areas of Interest: I am interested in continuing the growth of St. Andrew by reaching out to all members of our community especially young adults and single parent families. I am also interested in promoting more diversity within our congregation.

Steve Lutz

President Elect

Term: 2016-2018

Area of Interest:  Steve has heart for youth ministry and Spirit in the Pines Camp. Steve volunteers at youth events, including last summers middle school mission trip to Milwaukee. Additional interests include small group Christian fellowship and adult programming offered at St Andrew on Wednesday nights.

Mary Hanson


Term: 2015-2017

Area of Interest: Mary is interested in building new and lasting relationships through a mixture of Bible study experiences and small group fellowship.

Tom Burnside

Term: 2017-2019

Area of Interest: Tom is interested in spiritual growth, the inclusion of all members in ministry, and inspirational worship.  He is also a member of the Canticle Choir.

Barb Carroll

Term: 2016-2018

Area of Interest: Barb is a member of the Canticle Choir and is interested in the areas of financial stewardship and reaching out to bring others into community with Christ.

Kathryn Hernke

Term: 2017-2019

Area of Interest:  Kathryn has been part of women’s bible studies, served on the Wellness Committee and currently serves on the Small Group Ministry team.

Ron Meuser, Jr.

Term: 2016-2018

Area of Interest: Ron serves on the Staff Support Committee, which provides counsel and support to church leadership.

Amy Sellheim

Term: 2015-2017

Area of Interest: Amy is interested in engaging young adults into St. Andrew’s ministry and continuing to make St. Andrew Lutheran a church where people of all backgrounds feel welcome as they learn and grow in their faith. Amy has been a member of St. Andrew for the past 4 years and has volunteered at the Holiday Store for several years, sings in the praise team and participates in a Dinner for 8 group.

Carla Thompson

Term: 2017-2019

Area of Interest:  Carla has a passion for the community and its youth. She has been a confirmation small group leader and helped with parent forum, connecting parents to young adults world.